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Local Cleaners Richmond Ltd.Our company is the leading provider of all-round cleaning services for the Richmond TW9 area. We deal with anything from bed bug mattress infestations, impossible to clean carpet stains, to weathered leather couches that need a thorough rub and shine. We can also rejuvenate colours, protect curtains from the harmful effects of the Sun’s rays and even restore your Persian rug’s brand new look. Simply give us a call on and see for yourself.

Benefits of Booking Top Carpet Cleaning in Richmond

For various health benefits, enhanced aesthetics and rejuvenated fibers, our professional carpet cleaning service is the best choice. This procedure will give you:

  • Chemical free treatments
  • No more dust or bed bugs
  • Hard to remove stain extraction
  • Fiber protection coating
  • Old carpets look like brand new

With only use allergy, safe techniques and detergents that will not only take care of the problematic areas, extract stains and deodorize completely but also do it safely and without causing any allergic or other health complications.

Service in Richmond We Offer

Steam carpet cleaning in Richmond - is a very powerful yet effective solution that gets rid of even the sturdiest and hard to extract stains. It specializes in the treatment of industrial strength staining such as paint, nail polish, glue, chewing gum and even tar. Also suitable for removing organic matter and other contaminating substances, it gets its strength from the heat and moisture of the procedure - high-pressure steam is injected deep into the fibers of the carpet, it reacts with the staining or other contaminating particles, agitating them making them easier to be removed with a high power vacuum. Over 95% of the moisture used in the process is extracted, leaving only a small part to be dried over time, within 2-3 hours.

Dry carpet cleaning in Richmond – is a more gentle approach that does not use any moisture or heat as a mechanism for cleaning. This one rather uses a dry, powder-like substance, provided by the market leader "Prochem", that gets imbedded into the fibers of the carpet, then binds with the stain dissolving it and making it possible to be extracted. Because it utilizes no moisture, this procedure is perfect for shrinkage and water damage prone carpets. It is quick and efficient in dealing with all sorts of wet and dry stains and even has a deodorizing effect on easy to damage fabrics.

Booking our Services

Book our specialized cleaning services today, by either phone or by filling out our booking form. Our team of experts will get in contact with you and help you schedule a suitable time and date. Call today and get your free quote, information on current discounts and deals. Save time and money with our professional carpet cleaning services in Richmond, London.

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