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With an unrivaled track record in mattress cleaning services, we can be considered one of the best mattress cleaning companies in the Richmond, London area. Our expert cleaners can deal with anything from a stubborn bed stain, pet urine spots, and unpleasant odours, to bed bug and dust mite extermination. Considering us will not only get you closer to a spotless, healthy bed and pillows but guarantee the job done is done in an environmentally safe way.

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Benefits of our Services

We strive do complete each job with a consideration of the environment as well as you and your family. As of 2004, all of the detergents we use in our field jobs are biodegradable and uphold the standards as set by the REACH requirements voted in by the UK and EU parliaments. You will also enjoy:

  • Toxin-free mattress and pillow cleaning
  • No allergens, dust or dirt
  • Effective stain extraction
  • Protective fiber coating
  • Absolute odour neutralization

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Mattress Cleaning Service Details

Depending on the current problem, age and mattress type, we will use one of these specialized treatments, both of which have their uses in domestic cleaning.

mattress cleaning Steam cleaning in Richmond – is a very useful tool if you want to use it as a follow up on our U.V lights treatment. It has a parasite and microbe neutralizing effect, sanitizing every inch of your precious bed mattress or pillow. It can be also used if stains and unpleasant odours need to be extracted. Specialized cleaning detergent infused high-pressure steam is injected into the mattress, it dissolves all stains and completely removes any particles that may have been left over, a strong vacuum simultaneously extracts the dirt and moisture from the fibers, leaving behind a fresh smelling bed.

UV lights treatment in Richmond – is a specialized cleaning method that deals with bed parasite infestations. Bed bugs and dust mites are its specialties though it also has extended anti-microbe capabilities. The ray emitted from our UV lights, penetrates even the deepest layers of the mattress, killing off anything in its path. The procedure is followed up by hoovering of the surface to fully remove the leftover carcasses and fecal matter. It uses no detergents and it is safe for use around children and pets.

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