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Affordable Rug Cleaning in Richmond TW9

As a leading provider of professional rug cleaning in Richmond, London, we can not only guarantee the safety and proper maintenance of your area and Persian rugs, but we can also make sure that we do it environmentally safe. As of 2004 we’ve started implementing a new line of detergents and techniques that reap the same dirt and stain cutting results as other detergents, but do so in a family and pet safe way.

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Benefits for You

With us, you won’t have to worry about rug damage, if we’ve cleaned it properly or if what we are using is safe for your pets and children. Your safety is our top priority and we do everything in our way to keep you and your family safe. With our cleaning services you will also enjoy:

  • No dirt or grime left
  • Proper cleaning of high traffic areas
  • The protection of rug fibers and colours
  • Total removal of unpleasant odours from the room
  • Bed bug and dust mite eradication and extraction

Detailed service information

Rug cleaners RichmondDry cleaning in Richmond – is renowned for helping where other treatments can’t. It is used to safely but efficiently clean stains on otherwise sensitive or exotic rugs like Persian or Tibetan rugs. Since it does not use any moisture or heat, the process is safe for use on water and heat sensitive materials such as silk, cotton or sisal. It still has that stain cutting power needed to properly clean, but it does so without harming the fibers and textiles. A fine dust-like substance is imbedded into the affected area, binding with the stain or dirt making it easier to get extracted.

Steam cleaning in Richmond – is a more powerful solution to any of your hard to extract stain problems. It can deal with anything from dried out paint to alcohol, tea, coffee, lipstick and even tar and engine oil. High-pressure steam infused with a specialized cleaning and deodorizing detergent is injected deep into the fibers of the affected area, absolutely obliterating the stain, making it easier to get removed with the powerful vacuum machine we have. 95% of the moisture is extracted, leaving you with a mildly damp, but very clean and refreshed rug.

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